Patient Participation Group

Bilsthorpe Surgery is eager to ensure that local people are actively involved in deciding how the health services they use should develop. To provide patients with the opportunity to express their views, we have set up a Patient Participation Group.

The aim of the Patient Participation Group is to give patients, GPs and practice staff an opportunity to meet, to exchange ideas and information, and then to take action. Our group’s activities typically include consulting with patients on their experiences and their views on how services could be changed or improved; producing a newsletter to keep patients up to date on the activities of the group and the services that the practice offers – and much more!

Interested in getting involved?

Anyone and everyone is welcome to join the group, as long as you are registered with the practice and interested in working together to make positive changes for the practice and its patients. Our group generally meets every three to four months at the practice. For further information about the group, please contact the Practice Manager.